Flyball racing is a fast and exciting sport. This class is ideal for dogs that are friendly and outgoing, fast and agile, loves a tennis ball and has a dedicated handler and trainer. Flyball teams consist of four dogs, with an alternate or two. Racing side by side, each dog races down their lane. At the far end of each lane is a Flyball box. Each dog must step on the Flyball box pedal, releasing a mechanism that flips a tennis ball from the cup. The dogs catch the ball and return over the four jumps with the ball. As each dog crosses the start/finish line, another dog is released. The first team to have all four dogs successfully complete a run wins the heat.

Flyball - level I (6 week course) $100.00

Promoting cooperation and good sportsmanship, this introductory class teaches dogs and handlers the basic components of Flyball racing such as jumping successive hurdles as well as how to release and catch the tennis ball from the Flyball box. Once these skills are established, dogs and handlers will begin to practice racing full Flyball runs.

Flyball - level II (6 week course) $100.00

This class will concentrate on combining the basic components of Flyball learned in Level I, in addition to preparing the dogs for competition style racing. In order for the dogs to race on a team with other dogs, it is essential to train the dogs to pass each other at the start line without interacting. Also, handlers will learn how to properly time the release of each successive dog so as to cross the start line at the exact moment that the previous dog finishes the run.

Flyball - level III (6 week course) $100.00

Intended for those interested in formally competing in Flyball, this class will allow teams to hone and sharpen key skills. Handlers and dogs will be divided into teams based on experience, skill level and compatibility of the dogs. Teams established outside of class are also welcome.