In addition to group obedience classes, private and in-home lessons, in-board training, and canine sports, training can be tailored to deal with the behavior issues of any dog. Our trainers specialize in behavior modification, aggression issues, and socialization. Training for tracking and search & rescue is also available.


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  • Colton has had a lifetime of experience with dogs. Being born and raised in a family of Dog Breeders, Trainers and owning two baording facilities has brought much enjoyment of dogs to his life. Colton has continued on with his famalies legacy of training and handling the last 15 years.

    Throughout the years of his handling of multiple breeds, Best in Shows and winning the Group at two of the nations largest shows; Westminster Kennels Club and Eukomba Classic Kennel Club and he's handled the top winning Old English Sheepdog bitch of all time "Georgie-Girl" and the second top winning Old English Sheepdog of all time "Smokin" who also won top herding dog of the year in 2006. These accomplishments have given opportunities for several television appearences as well as peer nomination of Top Handler of the Year in 2007

    After several years of apprenticeship at the kennels, through many courses, field work and much dedication has brought Colton to lead Sunrise Kennels Training Department as the training Director. Colton is able to combine different behavioral techniques into programs that will best fit you and your pets needs.


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  • Sean Hartley has been working with dogs for over 30 years and has been training professionally for 26 years. Sean studied Animal Behavior and Zoology at the University of Northern Colorado before moving to Colorado Springs and becoming a ten year SWAT veteran and the K9 Unit Trainer for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. During his work with police dogs, he has handled, trained and judged some of the best police dogs in the world.

    Sean holds judging and training certifications, to include advanced problem solving certifications in Obedience, Scent Detection, Tracking, Agility, Behavior Modification, Aggression, and numerous other areas of canine training.

    Though he ultimately turned it down, Sean and his dog “Justice” were approached by a Chicago based production company working with the Animal Planet channel to be the “stars” for a season long K9 reality show.

    Sean has used a service dog to aid numerous government agencies to include the FBI, ATF, DEA, as well as one of the few handlers to work a patrol/detection dog within the walls of the SuperMax Federal Prison. He has helped in the training and certification of police service dogs for the Department of the Interior, and has volunteered countless hours assisting numerous law enforcement agencies with their K9 Units and tactical teams.

    After retiring from the Sheriff’s Office, Sean has dedicated himself to helping children with life threatening nut allergies through the use of peanut detection dogs. Sean is also a consultant in many areas of law enforcement, personal and public safety, as well as a motivational speaker and instructor. His spare time is spent in the gym, on the golf course, or as a volunteer for the YMCA.


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  • Debby Forry has been a dog enthusiast since the 1970s when she was in grade school. She was active with dogs in 4-H with her dog "Bear" a Collie/Shepard mix. In high school, Debby was a member of Future Farmers of America where she raised rabbits as her small animal project and and also raised and showed sheep.

    In 1996, while living in Auburn, WA, Debby acquired her first Newfoundland, "Jetta" and trained with Dawn Jecs using her training method known as "Choose To Heal" and later trained with Linda Shay, a well-known trainer in the Seattle area versed in the field of competition obedience as well as other classes attended. Jetta acheived her CD, WD, WRD & DD all with a heart problem and various orthopedic issues.

    Her second Newfoundland, "Stoney" joined her family in 1996 and by age 4 had completed his VN (a Versatile Newfoundland title requires their championship, CD, WD, WRD, DD and CGC) which created the foundation for what would become a great passion for training dogs to very high expectations. Stoney's best score was 197.5 in obedience.

    Debby moved to Colorado Springs in the summer of 2000 and acquired her third Newfoundland, "Astro" whom she also finished to VN. She has handled 14 dogs to their championships (CH) and has put companion dog (CD) titles on all her Newfs. She also showed five other Newfoundlands to their championships.

    Debby is also active in the Newfoundland Club Of America working events. She is a provisional water test judge and has titled four newfs to their NCA Water Dog titles (WD), their NCA Water Rescue Dog (WRD) titles, their NCA Draft Dog (DD) titles and also their NCA Team Draft Dog (TDD) as well and AKC Companion Dog (CD) and Rally Titles (RN).

    In 2005, she added Spinone Italiano to her family with "Vegas" and completed his Championship by age 2. With her second Spinone Italiano, Madge, she completed her Championship and trained her for her Junior Hunter title. She also assisted Madge's' breeder in campaigning and finishing five of her dogs to their championships including "Aggie" which was the number one Spinone in breed points in 2009.

    Debby is a breeder of the Spinone Italiano and with her fourteen years of experience in training dogs for the show ring and the working arena is very knowledgeable in all facets of dogs from breeding, whelping and raising puppies, conformation, obedience and working them in what they were bred to do. She has been a dog groomer for 10 years and is also very experienced in the basic proper care, proper look and grooming of many breeds.